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A first-of-its-kind drink that combines electrifying taste with energy.

Urzza is:
  • - A liquid charger
  • - A caffeine-free energy drink
  • - Fortified with vitamins

You don’t need Urzza; you want it.

Urzza is your drink if you are:
  • - A teenager or a grandparent
  • - A parent or a kid
  • - A risk-taker
  • - Friend of friends
  • - Lover of lovers
  • - Anyone who likes to have an electrifying time
Frankly, anytime. But we recommend you drink Urzza and switch to your electrifying self especially on:
  • - A gloomy Monday morning
  • - A crazy cycling trip with your friends
  • - A mad house party
  • - An evening bustling with humour

It ensures that you have an electrifying time, wherever you are.

Urzza also:
  • - Enlivens the body, the mind and of course, the mood.
  • - Opens up a world of electrifying possibilities for you.